Landscape Design & Build

Enhance your property.

Professional Solutions

Enhance your property with professional solutions from Preferred Landscapes. Your project will be professionally managed. We work diligently to exceed your expectations by providing thorough and efficient service. We share these common goals:

Deliver award-winning results

Recommend plants that will resist pests and disease

Provide all skills from design through planting and ongoing care

Promote environmentally sound landscaping practices

Landscape Design & Build

Landscape Design & Construction.

Preferred Landscapes offers complete landscape design and construction services. Your landscape requirements may be simple and straightforward, or complex and require intricate planning and coordination. Regardless of the scope, Preferred Landscapes will handle all the myriad of details from initial site planning to final detailing. Through years of experience and certification training, our crews are here to provide you the highest quality installation of planting beds, stone walks, walls, patios, lighting, water features and more.

Quality Materials for Long Life and Cost Containment.

We set a high standard for the suppliers we work with and expect the best product for the best price. We in turn will pass those savings on to you. Using quality materials ensures long-lasting results and saves you money in the long run. We value the relationship we have with our suppliers and it shows in the materials we use to deliver outstanding results to you.

Professional Results From Stringent Procedures.

Feel confident in our stringent practices and standards. We will plan for and resolve potential issues throughout the project. When your project is done and you stop to admire the results, you will be pleased that you let Preferred Landscapes handle the job. We follow strict horticultural guidelines and manufacturers recommendations. Our crews will keep the jobsite orderly and project a professional image at all times. Learn how we can exceed your expectations. Call for a free consultation.