Garden Management

Trust the professionals.

Exquisite Look

Trust the professionals at Preferred Landscapes to help you maintain the exquisite look of an outstanding landscaping job. Our garden management services are designed to keep your landscaping looking beautiful all season long and year after year. Choose Preferred Landscapes for garden management services to:

Protect your investment

Identify problems and quickly propose solutions

Control costs while maintaining beauty


Reliable Technicians.

Let our experienced staff handle your landscape management needs. We will match the right technicians for your particular job. Our uniformed work crews are well trained, certified and always supervised by an experienced foreman. They will present themselves in a courteous and professional manner. You can rely on Preferred Landscapes to get the job done.

Knowledge and Expertise.

You want the best care for your plantings and turf. The professionals at Preferred Landscapes have the horticultural expertise to keep your site well maintained, healthy and thriving. Using our strict specifications, your property will continuously look great.

Safety and Efficiency.

Preferred Landscapes uses well-maintained, state-of-the art equipment to ensure your job is done right, with the utmost regard for everyone’s safety. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete your job in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and to use all our expertise to deliver quality results. You can expect healthy landscapes that keep getting better.

Ongoing Service.

We will continue to inspect your property to make sure it is always looking its best. You can count on Preferred Landscapes to deliver outstanding customer service and react promptly to your needs as they arise. We are quick to respond to your calls and have staff ready to go when you need someone fast.