Additional Services

Simple or Complex.

A Full Spectrum

Whether your needs are simple or complex, you can relax when you work with the competent professional from Preferred Landscapes. We deliver a full spectrum of landscape services so we can handle all of your landscape and property maintenance needs. Preferred Landscapes offers exceptional service you expect from experienced professionals in:

  •  Flower services
  •  Seasonal planter designs
  • ​ Irrigation systems
  • ​ Retention walls
  • ​ Water features
  • ​ Diagnosis of plant health
  • ​ Design and install annuals
  •  Trimming and pruning
  •  Edging
  •  Weeding
  • ​ Split and relocate perennials
  • ​ Dead-heading
  • ​ Spring and fall clean ups
  • ​ Low voltage lighting

Vegetable Gardens


Holiday Planters and Decorations


Project a Professional Image.

A beautiful spectrum of hardy flowers tells your visitors that your property is professionally maintained. Welcome your guests with gorgeous beds of seasonal plantings designed by Preferred Landscapes. We have the expertise to create the most attractive arrangements for your property.

Specialists in Landscaping.

Choose a dependable partner for your landscaping needs. Our experts can help you save time and money. You can feel confident that Preferred Landscapes will handle all your landscaping challenges.

Dependable Suppliers Assure Best Pricing and Delivery.

We work with the finest growers who deliver quality flowers and plants when we need them. Because of our longstanding relationship with our suppliers, we can secure and pass on the best pricing to our customers. From walkways, entryways, monument signs and flowerbeds, Preferred Landscapes experts will use the right materials for the job.

Experience From the Ground Up.

Beautiful planting beds start with healthy soil, adequate irrigation and optimal sun exposure. We begin your job by examining your planting beds and learning the history of your site. We evaluate the condition of the soil, the available irrigation and other factors that may affect the beauty of the planting beds, making recommendations or changes where appropriate and where they save you money. We combine our knowledge of different types of plants, textures, colors and other plant characteristics to customize our design to the unique features of your property. We select materials based on their quality, growth habits and hardiness.